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Sindhu not only has excellent analytical skills, her emotional intelligenece (EQ) is just as acute.

I had the pleasure to directly work with Sindhu in numerous of projects over a couple of years in which, our wins can be attribute to her superb support and focus to the task and team. Her analytical expertise offers an unparalleled competitive advantage and her very personable demeanor makes it fun to be around with.
Allan G.
Founder & CEO. Adjunct professor at U. San Mateo

Sindhu has displayed not only strong analytical skills and sharp business acumen but also has terrific work and team ethic.

She comes across as one who works harder to deliver results before deadlines. As a good friend, she is always very lively and energetic, engaging others and has excellent people management skills. Her overall strong skill set and friendly demeanor has led to her successful career, and she is surely a great asset to any team/company she works for.
Sougandh K
Risk and Analytics Leader

Are you ready to make meaningful, data-driven business decisions?

Sindhu is one of my all-time favorite people.

She's whip smart, tenacious, principled, intellectually honest, and reliable. She has an infectious enthusiasm. She makes order out of chaos. She makes your life better. There's nothing she can't do.
Frank Y.
Product Marketing & Management Leader

Sindhu was able to quickly assimilate knowledge and make critical business decision in short time periods.

She also has the rare ability to apply these methodologies to a variety of business challenges and consistently come out as a core contributor to organizations.
David B.
Team Lead Manager & Software Engineer

Sindhu is, quite simply, a dynamo!

She is very smart, creative, curious and passionate. She shows great initiative, is conscientious, and has high ethical standards. Sindhu is a lot of fun to work with - her enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of humor are infectious. I absolutely recommend her and know that she will be an incredible asset to any company she works with.
Jonathan R.
Director of Customer Insights at Walmart